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Our Story

Tiny1 is the world's first astronomy camera made Small, Smart and Social. It allows you to capture the stars in the palm of your hand. Tiny1 was launched on Indiegogo on June 6th 2016, and it smashed passed its funding goal of $100,000 in just 4 hours. The team behind Tiny1 have spent 2 years in development.

TinyMOS began with the goal of making astronomy exploration accessible to the masses.

Troubled by the difficulty of astronomy imaging, then professional photographer Grey Tan sought to solve it using the latest portable technologies.

“We have more computing power in our phones than what NASA had when they sent the first man
to the Moon, but we are exploring space less than ever. Tiny1 is here to change that.”
- Grey, CEO

He teamed up with classmates, Ashprit Singh Arora and Chia Lih Wei to make Tiny1 a reality - Making exploration accessible to the masses with the world’s smallest, smartest and most social camera.

“We want to shift space exploration from the endeavour of governments and corporations to the
- Lih Wei, CTO

Tiny1, our first product, is designed to make astronomy imaging easy from planning, capturing,
processing to sharing on social media. It uses advanced spatial sensors to guide users to point at the correct astronomy objects in real time, through the star maps.

The camera contains presets to capture popular imaging objects and presets to post process the images. Using the built-in Wi-Fi, Tiny1 rapidly transfers images to smartphones and laptops.

“Astronomy is a tradition spanning thousands of years, cultures, and religions. The curiosity for
space and beyond is the ultimate proof of our humanity and self-awareness, beyond our
immediate need for subsistence.”
- Ashprit, COO

With the Tiny1 building the community around astronomy, TinyMOS hopes to bring space
exploration closer to the individual than ever.

Press Materials

Tiny1: The world’s first astrophotography camera made to be Small, Smart and Sociable

Tiny1: The world’s first astrophotography camera made to be Small, Smart and Sociable

Land Rover Spirit with TinyMOS - A Defender Journey

Land Rover Spirit with TinyMOS - A Defender Journey

Our Team

Grey Tan

CEO / Co-Founder

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Ashprit Singh Arora

COO / Co-Founder

+65 8500 4601
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Lih Wei Chia

CTO / Co-Founder

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