Milky Way Captured in Singapore during TinyMOS meetup Minor post campaign update. Milky Way captured in Singapore by local photographer. More information inside. It has been awhile since we posted on our blog. We’ve been meeting suppliers and manufacturers for the past two weeks back to back. We are thrilled by the results on Indiegogo

Tiny1 Launch on Indiegogo!

Monday, 13 June 2016 by
Tiny1 launched successfully on Indiegogo and still going strong! Wow, it has been an amazing crowdfunding campaign for the past week. The TinyMOS team have been developing the Tiny1 camera since April 2014. The 2 years leading up to the launch has been filled with excitement, mixed with anxiety. There were doubts that we’re making
Preface: The Moon I stopped, on the way home after work today. A familiar but unusual sight was hanging on the horizon. The Moon. It has been several days since I’ve seen the Moon. The clouds and weather have been crazy the past week. A few curious people stopped alongside me, wondering what made me
How plan an imaging session for the ISS transit via GIPHY How to find the ISS: The ISS orbits the Earth at an amazing speed of 17510 miles per hour it. It also orbits the Earth once every 92 minutes. However due to the Earth’s rotation it would only pass by above you approximately twice a